Collinet Lookout

Collinet Lookout is a short walk at Collinet Point, about 700 metres east of Channel Point and marks the north end of French Pass / Te Aumiti. There is a car park with plenty of space accessed just off Croisilles French Pass Road, about 500 metres before the end of the road in French Pass / Anaru. From there, it is a short track to a viewing platform at the end of the point.

The main view is across to Rangitoto ki te Tonga / D’Urville Island and Admiralty Bay. But there is also a good view from the track back down to French Pass. Some panels describe the relationship of local Māori, Ngati Kuia and Ngati Koata, to the region, both mythical and historical.

In 1888, a dolphin started accompanying boats to and from Collinet Point to Pelorus Sound / Te Hoiere, a distance of 8 km. He was named Pelorus Jack and was the first dolphin in the world to receive legal protection. Pelorus Jack did not enter French Pass beyond the point, and his accompaniment of the boats to and from the pass continued for 24 years until he disappeared in 1912. There is a statue of Pelorus Jack by the car park, and another panel tells the story of this famous Risso’s dolphin. Risso’s dolphins lack the pointed snout of other dolphin species.

Pelorus Jack's story also connects to one of the Kupe myths. After Kupe discovered the region from Pelorus Sound / Te Horiere to French Pass / Te Aumiti, he left his dolphin, Kaikaiawaro, behind to serve his descendants, the Ngati Kuia. Kaikaiawaro carved out Pelorus Sound / Te Horiere with its snout, has appeared to the iwi at various times of need and is expected to return in the future.

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