Candys Bend and Deaths Corner

Candys Bend and Deaths Corner

As you near the top of Arthurs Pass from Otira, you meet the sections of the road which were most difficult to build and maintain. One brief section passes under a rockfall shelter, then a flume which diverts the Reid Falls. After that, you hit Candys Bend, where you can take photos of the gorge, shelter and flume, and possibly a kea or two. Next you will cross the Otira Viaduct with another viewpoint on the south side at Deaths Corner.

Today, with the viaduct, it is not so obvious how hard it was to build and maintain this road. But if you look at the mountain slip to the right of the viaduct from Deaths Corner, and note that the road once ran across the top of the slip, with all the problems of melting snow, you get the idea.

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