Architecture of Whanganui

Architecture of Whanganui

The architecture of Whanganui, with its combination of Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco buildings, is a unique feature. This heritage had remained largely undisturbed and is now viewed as an opportunity. Buildings are being strengthened and refurbished for the next 100 years and most have a ready use.

The best place to see this is along Victoria Ave (the main street), parallel Hill St and the several blocks bounded by Taupo Quay, Victoria Ave, Moutoa Gardens and Pukenamu Queens Park. It’s an easy walk around this area, allowing about an hour.

Highlights include the working Opera House, from 1899 on Hill St, the Art Deco movie theatre on Victoria St and the views around the fountain on Victoria Ave and Ridgeway St. The number of Art Deco buildings was a particular delight and the city would be second only to Napier for its collection.

Going a bit further afield, you can head over to Whanganui Collegiate School on Liverpool Street. This is one of the oldest schools in NZ, with architecture to match its history.

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